Pilgrimage Tourism in India

Isn't life actually this way? In the process of learning about themselves and their Creator along with the purpose they meant to serve with their life, people learn about vice and virtue. However, even after receiving spiritual education since the day of their conception, they fall in the rut of committing mistakes and sins which later leads to performing penance as they prefer. Taking a sacred journey- a pilgrimage tour is only one of the many yet the most preferred way of redemption, more when it is India a pilgrim is wandering to.

The land of versatility - India is second to none, more when it becomes an object of study, analysis and attention all because of the different religions to which it serves as amalgamating pot. Every religion has its significance and a proposed way of life to live it as ideally as possible. It is possible to get a glimpse of each of them and revel in the rich knowledge, the way followers of different faiths try to connect with their Creator at various pilgrimage sites in India.

Muslims can spread their praying carpets, close their eyes chanting hymns from Quran with palms spread in worship of Allah Almighty in any of the great mosques found in different corners of the country. Hindus can embark on an arduous journey to holy places like Vaishno Devi,

Amarnath and Chardham or they can join their hands in devotion and perform various rituals during their visit to temples where God is believed to have manifested Himself in different form and incarnations like Jyotirlingas, Saktipeeths, etc. Sikhs can choose among the different Gurudwaras set up by their Gurus, beginning with Guru Nanak just as the Christians can find a Church that serves their spiritual and religious needs. Jain Tirthankars on the other hand have left enough of worshiping sanctities where peace is sought after by followers of Jainism, like the monasteries, gompas and stupas stand proud to guide those who seek to be guided by the preaching and teachings of Buddhism. Pilgrimage holidays proffer the piece of life that seems lost in materialism sometimes with entertainment as well along with enlightenment as a part of holy festivals / processions one participates in.

Mind can still searches for answers of questions that most of them dread to ask for the fear of being lost in lack of wisdom beyond the religious constrains. The answer comes in the form of Sufi sites of worship, Baha'i way of thinking, Spiritual Ashrams, places like Shirdi and Puttuparthy, etc that might give just the peace you longed for. Nothing happens without cause and pilgrimage tour in India only strengthens the faith on life, humanity and God. Take one today to acknowledge the fact yourself!