Hindu Pilgrimage Destinations

Pray, worship, repent and find peace God guides and individuality and guilt cease!!

Hinduism is the oldest known religion and to many people it's not a religion at all but a philosophy cut to a size that consequently fits all. Follow any God or Goddess and as many as you want or don't follow at all; chant prayers, bhajans and Sanskrit hymns or not utter a single word; perform every ritual as directed or be a mere spectator, Hinduism stops no one from doing whatever is his way to lead a life as he deem fit and neither forces anyone to be a part of it in a strict scripture-way. Still, Hindu pilgrimage destinations continue to attract people from every corner of world and they come to believe of their salvation guided by instincts.

Hinduism generally tells about the Holy Trinity- Lord Brahma the Creator, Lord Vishnu the Operator and Lord Shiva the Destroyer and rest of the things that is considered to be a part of this religion is found to be placed around them.

This also includes different God and Goddess with their powers, mysteries, stories and legends followed by multiple Hindu temples dedicated to them. From among them, a worshipper can chose the One he relates with and follow. Thus, he tends to learn rituals, fasts, tirths, legends and myths, etc related with the god he is devoted to. Various Hindu pilgrimage sites as a consequence become his place of redemptions. Like for the followers of Shakti, Nainital, Vaishno Devi, Maihar, Meenakshi Temple, etc are prominent where as for devotees to Lord Shiva, find themselves circumambulating the 12 jyotirlingas at different locations on the country.

Choose the Hindu pilgrimage tour you would like to embark upon and find your piece of peace!!

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