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Visiting Assam in Monsoon Season

Monsoon season (July to September ) is the most beautiful season anywhere you go and you will feel quite charmed by the fresh weather with temperature ranging between 26°C to 32°C; but nature does not always show its good side. Assam experiences bad monsoon leading to floods and landslides. Hence, this season won't be a good time to visit Assam due to heavy rainfall. However, if you have to interchange flights you can get out and breathe in the fresh monsoon air and visit some local attractions around Assam like Assam's tranquil tea gardens, you can stroll amidst the greenery and pouring rain. For the wildlife enthusiasts, you can visit Dibru Saikhowa National Park which is one of the nineteen bio diversity sites around the world and this park is open all through the year.

Besides, if you think you can pass the risks of getting stuck between tangled roads of North-east then you can visit some mesmerising places near Assam to get the real feel of monsoon. Let’s leave the negative aside and focus on the bright sides of monsoon season. Assam is located in the north eastern region of India and this beautiful place experiences a tropical monsoon rainforest climate. The Northeast regions receive high rainfall thus you can experience a sight to see its gushing waterfalls. Amongst the many destinations you can visit near Assam, one place not to miss is Meghalaya. This destination has misty wonders of the hills and valleys it has some of the most beautiful waterfalls. You can go sightsee waterfalls like Seven Sisters Waterfall, Dainthlen Falls, Elephant falls, Langshiang Falls etc.

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