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Things to Do in Assam

A holiday in Assam is quite engaging as the state is a veritable tourist destination with lots of new things to explore and try. The meandering and ferocious River Brahmaputra, which is also an important landmark of Assam, offers a great opportunity of white water rafting. This adventure activity can draw attention of the thrill seekers from far and wide. The state is also blessed with some incredible trails that offer mesmerizing views and a peek inside the humble life of the local people. There are also great opportunities for parasailing, mountaineering as well as camping and boat racing for those visitors looking for some new each day. Quietly seated amidst this gorgeous river is the Umananda Temple on the Peacock Island where Hindu devotees can perform pilgrimage just like in Kamakhya Temple. Assam is dotted with Hindu temples including the Vaishnava Satras in Majuli making it an important pilgrimage destination in India. Another must thing to do in this state is to witness the diverse and of course vibrant culture.

Assam is a host of several festivals like Bihu that are perfect venues to learn more about the rich culture of the state. Along with religious fetsivals, a good way to learn more about the state is by attending the tea festival that is held annually. The wildlife opulence also offers visitors a good opportunity to relish one of the best wildlife tour/safari in India. Home to a large number of one-horned rhinos, the national parks and wildlife reserves in Assam would like to treat your eyes with some exotic and exquisite sites. The state is also an ideal place for recreational activities like fishing and angling.Places like Jia Bhoroli, Kapili and Manas are perfect to take up this interesting activity. Apart from this, visiting Asia’s first oil refinery in Digboi is also something one should not miss and nor should one forget to shop for souvenirs of Muga silk Mekhla Chadar, tea leafs, bamboo and cane furniture and other handmade items before making an exit from this amazing Northeast India destination.

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