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Sonitpur is the second largest districts of Assam and it stretches over the northern banks of Brahmaputra. It is home to sparse natural attraction and it also is home to some wildlife hotspots. Sonitpur has a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that are located in and around the destination. Besides, one can definitely enjoy the sight of its major rivers like Brahmaputra, Jiabharali, Gabharu, Borgang and Buroi. Sonitpur is a must visit destination if you want to escape from the hectic city life and be surrounded by evergreen parks, age-old temples, archaeological ruins, and much more.

An Insight into Sonitpur Tourism

Natural beauty at its best, Sonitpur is a district in Assam and is a famous tourist destination as well. Tezpur or the City of Eternal Romance is a town in Sonitpur district that has a lot to offer to all kinds of travellers. It is famous for its evergreen parks, age-old temples, archaeological ruins, and much more.

The mighty Brahmaputra River runs through the district and there are plenty of tea gardens here. It’s an absolute pleasure to take a stroll through these gardens. The picturesque landscape along with the surrounding Himalayas makes Sonitpur one of the most beautiful places in Assam. Serenity, tranquillity, and greenery is what defines this place.

Cole Park or Chitralekha Udyan is one of the must-visit places in Sonitpur. It was constructed in the year 1906 and has two beautifully ornamented stone pillars along with a walk way, sports facility, and a restaurant.

The Nameri National Park, lying on the foothills of the mighty Himalayas is home to some of rarest species of animals and plants. Spread over an area of 200 sq. km, the national park offers jungle safaris, river rafting, swimming, and other adventure sports. Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary is also a major tourist attraction and lies on the bank of River Brahmaputra.

Agnigarh is another sightseeing place here and is a hillock on the banks of Brahmaputra. It is a big fortress and you need to climb a circular staircase in order to reach to the top of it from where the view of the river and the town is absolutely splendid.

Bamuni Hills is one of the other tourism places and has archeological ruins dating back to 9th and 10th centuries. The Mahabhairab and Bharabi Temples are also nearby and visited by most people who come to this place. Ouguri Hill is a favourite among climbers. It is a monolith and offers great views of the surroundings from the top.

Da-Parbatia is the proof of ancient Assamese sculptural excellence and is usually included in all kinds of holiday packages. Visiting the Tezpur District Museum is a must as it offers an insight into the beautiful and rich culture of Assam. Padum Pakhuri or lotus pond is also visited by most tourists. It is a huge lake and also has an island. It also has a park with a musical fountain and a toy train. Khali Bhomora Setu over Brahmaputra connects Sonitpur and Nagaon, is also a tourist attraction here.

Popular Tourist Places to See near Sonitpur

Sonitpur is a beautiful destination and it is worth a visit. This place maintains several attractions and biodiversity hotspots in and nearby Sonitpur like Nameri National Park, Orang National Park, Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary and many more. Other places you can visit in Sonitpur are Rock Garden, Bamuni Pahar and District Museum.

Where to Stay in and around Sonitpur?

Being one of the popular tourist destinations in Assam, Sonitpur has a number of well-established hotels and lodges for tourists. It has several accommodation options from pocket-friendly to expensive to suit every individual's budget.

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