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The only hill station in Assam, Haflong is quite a lovely place for a holiday in North East India. Boasting of rich wildlife, green rolling hills and tranquil ambiance, Haflong offers a pretty side of Assam to behold. It is indeed a delight for nature lovers and an excellent place for the weary souls.

An Insight into Haflong Tourism in Assam

Haflong is a beautiful hill station in the state of Assam and is also the headquarters of Dima Hasao district. The place has many tourist attractions which makes holidays here more interesting. It is the only hill station in the state of Assam and is visited by many travelers throughout the year.

A tour to this hill station is absolutely breathtaking as it includes several must visit places that are not be missed out by the vacationers. Haflong hill station is often called as the White Ant Hillock and has a very rich cultural heritage. Among the many sightseeing places the greatest attraction of the place is the Haflong Hill whose picturesque beauty appeals to the people. The nature lovers are sure to be allured by this place and they can take a long walk with their beloved amidst the greenery of the place. It also serves as an ideal place to organize picnics with family and friends. The Haflong Lake is another beautiful spot of this destination where you will be mesmerized. The lake is very well maintained by the efforts undertaken by the government. Tourism places in Haflong also include Maibong, which is about a distance of 47kms from the place.

The Ramchandi Temple is a must visit in Maibong and also the art of the place attracts the visitors.

Silchar is another worth visiting city situated in close proximity of this hill station where you can see the beautiful Bhuvaneshwar Temple that has been crafted in an attractive manner. Another closely located tourist spot near Haflong is Jatinga. This location is well known for bird suicides as it is said that the birds flying to this spot are often killed by hunters. The view of the sunrise from this place is an amazing sight to be witnessed. The other top things to do here is to enjoy the food delicacies of Assam and some good moments with your loved ones that you will cherish throughout your life.

The holiday packages and the detailed travel guide framed by us for the travelers will further enhance the enjoyment of the tour to this destination. Give us a chance to make your trip memorable.

Popular Tourist Places to See in Haflong

Haflong is adorned with a beautiful lake, with the same name as of the hill station. This scenic lake offers opportunity to enjoy boating and the picturesque surroundings. There are two prime attractions around Haflong, namely, Maibong and Jatinga. Where Maibong is known for a beautiful Hindu temple of Ramchandi, Jatinga is known for a strange phenomenon called birds suicide.

Where to Stay in Haflong?

There are few hotels available in Haflong and that too are available in the budget category. One or two government guest houses and lodges are also available in Haflong which make for some comfortable accommodation options.

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